Hello! My name is Frederick, I am a student from germany and I am currently in 11th grade.

I spend most of my free time streaming and making Youtube Videos –  You can find me on…

I like to play games that are very casual, but I like grinding them out so much that it really isnt a casual experience anymore. For example, I love me some Animal Crossing, but I never really played the game how it is supposed to be played.

Essentially, I have an insanely beautiful island and I did not give Blathers a single fish more than the required ones to build the Museum.

I also like Open World Games like Subnautica or Breath of the Wild.

I know that seems kind of stupid because Animal Crossing and Subnautica seem like very different games, but those really are the two main game categories I enjoyed the most.

If there is not a new Animal Crossing game coming out soon, I usually stick to general Nintendo Games.

I started streaming because I bought a Capture Card to make better Youtube Videos-

(before that I had to save 30 second clips, upload them to Twitter and download them again with an insanely low quality)

-and found a streaming option in the UI. I liked that idea and tried it out. It was so much fun that I didn’t stop up to this day.

That is kind of the reason why I know streaming better from the perspective of a streamer than the perspective of a viewer, and I am not sure whether that is good for the quality of my stream.

But, yeah. Thats me. If you want to learn more or chat with me, I would be very glad if you would come around in one of my streams.

I am also a very small streamer, so if you ask me something I will hold a 30 minute dialogue about whatever it is you are interested in because I really don’t have that much viewer interaction.

Also, if you speak german, you can have a look around on this website. This is my blog, so check it out if you want.

Alright. Thanks for reading this! See you in my next stream :-).